This is a summary of last month’s activities, most of which were conducted online and by telephone, given that most of the country was confined.
Research – Exclusive to Club members
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The Economic Revival Plan
An alternative to what the government and other private plans, has been updated (from its prior January 2020 edition). The new edition has completely revamped the fiscal, monetary, and financial sections, in light of developments since the beginning of the year, up to the end of April. The plan has been disseminated to all interested economic stakeholders.
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Leaders Survey on Gov’t Plan
Results of a survey conducted with members of LeadersClub to gauge their reactions to the draft of the government plan circulated on April 7.
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2019 Economic Indicators
A compiled comparative digest of more than 80 key economic and business indicators covering 2019 and the years before.
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Coronavirus and LL/USD exchange rate daily update
Club members have been receiving mid-day, every weekday, an update of the data available on Coronavirus as announced by the Ministry of Public Health. The daily report also includes LL/USD exchange rate range at money exchange counters from a number of counters in various areas in Greater Beirut as polled by InfoPro Research.
From third-party sources
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[PDF] Government Financial Recovery Plan (April 30)
[PDF] Law on Suspending Loan Payment
[PDF] Council of Minister decision to lift business closures (file #1)
[PDF] Council of Minister decision to lift business closures (file #2)
[PDF] Bank of America assessment of govt plan
[PDF] Legal Opinion on COVID-19 Force Majeure (file #1)
[PDF] Legal Opinion on COVID-19 Force Majeure (file #2)
[PDF] Government Reform Program (April 7)
Previous InfoPro exclusive research reports
If you missed any of the emailed reports, it is available for download from
[PDF] Survey of real estate sales and pricing survey by developers
[PDF] Bank cash withdrawal limits
[PDF] Survey update on job losses and salary cuts
[PDF] Real Estate Index 2019
[PDF] Economic Revolt – Revival Plan – Draft
[PDF] Impact of Crisis 2019
[PDF] Social Media Usage 2019
[PDF] Salary Scale – All sectors 2019
[PDF] Real Estate Index H1 2019
[PDF] State of Business 2018
Databank update
Last month, 50+ new reports and studies were added to Dozens of statistical tables were updated. Access is exclusive to members of LEADERSCLUB
[PDF] New reports and studies
Interact with your club
One of the benefits of the membership to our club is support in your business and economic research. You are encouraged to use it. Do not hesitate to contact the club manager for any suggestions and ideas you may have for the club.
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An updated list of all members of LEADERSCLUB as at April 30 2020