Welcome new club members

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Welcome new members
LeadersClub by Lebanon Opportunities continues to attract new members - each a leader in its respective sector. The majority of the current members have already renewed their memberships, hoping the rest will do the same
Workshops with leaders of major business sectors
During the past trimester, LeadersClub has embarked in a series of workshops with leaders from key business sectors to identify their current challenges and draw a list of short and long term objectives for each sector.

The workshops were organized in partnership with the leading associations representing each sector.

Around 250 people have participated in the workshops already held. During the summer, we will continue our workshops with a focus on socio-economic concerns. The takeaways from these workshops will be used to update the Lebanon Revival Plan which will be ready if and when the government is reconstituted following presidential election. They will also be available for the various associations to use in their lobbying endeavors. Lebanon Opportunities will also publish the key points raised during these workshops.
In collaboration with
The Beirut Traders Association (BTA)
Real Estate
In collaboration with
The Real Estate Developers Association (REDAL)
Information Technology and Telecom
In collaboration with
Professional Computer Association (PCA)
Hospitality and Tourism
In collaboration with
The Lebanese Federation for Tourism Industries
In collaboration with
The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI)
In collaboration with
Association des Companies d'Assurances au Liban (ACAL)
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For details go to: www.leadersclub.com.lb/Benefits
Interact with your club
One of the benefits of the membership to our club is a hotline (01-739.777 ext 189) for support in your business and economic research. You are encouraged to use it. Also, please do not hesitate to contact the club manager (01-739.777 ext 144) for any suggestions, ideas, or events you may have for the club. This is your club!
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