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Initiative – Economic Revival Plan
Endorse the Economic Revival Plan
The updated economic revival plan has been disseminated to more than 5,000 recipients including club members, relevant new government ministers, the Central Bank, leaders of private sector organizations, company management, policy makers, economic journalists, international organizations, foreign diplomats, and other interested parties.
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LEADERSCLUB is asking those who have not yet done so to endorse the plan (www.leadersclub.com.lb/revival).
More than 100 club members, companies, business leaders, and economists have already officially endorsed.
Partial list
Adir Assurance, Altus, Assiyana, BCC Logistics, BlueTech, Capstone, CIS, Crown Plaza, Data Consult, EIP, Front Page, Gazzaoui, Issa Holding, Legacy Central, Macsons, Monla Group, Socotec, The NET, ZRE...
A&S Chronora, Alamco, Assuraco, Atabuild, Bassoul&Hneine, Beirut Express, Burgan Insurance, Copytech, Debbane, Domaine Public Architects, EasySoft, Ecosys, Ets. A Rahme, Fabriano, Fahed Group, Galaxy, George Frem Foundation, HSTCO, Jleilati Audit, Kettaneh Group, Klever, LAU-MCRH, Lotus Shipping, MSE, Naharnet, Operators, Palladium, Pastel Paints, Pickapp, Porsche Center, Pro Plus Creative, Rafic Bawab & Co., Rafic El Khoury, Rise Properties, Saba & Co., Sipco, Skaff Group, Sloop Insurance, Unifert, Wadih Kassatly, Zawarib...
Philippe de Bustros, Roger El Achi, Joe Faddoul, Marwan Iskandar, Issam Khalaf, Lamia Moubayed Bissat Georges Nour, Fouad Rahme, Makram Sader...
Research – Exclusive to Club members
Survey of real estate sales and pricing survey by developers
A study of residential apartment sales transactions by real estate developers in Greater Beirut since October 2019, including price discounts and premiums, broker and direct sales, and other pertinent information
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Bank cash withdrawal limits
A comprehensive listing of major banks with their maximum cash withdrawal limits in LL and USD, including daily, weekly and monthly ceilings
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LL/USD exchange rate daily update
For the past few weeks, club members have been receiving mid-day, every weekday, an update of the LL/USD exchange rate range at money exchange counters. InfoPro Research is acquiring the data from a number of counters in various areas in Greater Beirut
From third-party sources
Interest rates on loans have dropped
Decision by the Association of Banks in Lebanon to reduce interest rates on loans – Beirut Reference Rate
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Government Statement
Full text of the Government Statement to Parliament (Bayan Wizari)
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Previous exclusive research reports
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News from Club Members
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Databank update
Last month, many report, studies, statistics, and updates have been added to databank.com.lb. Access is exclusive to members of LEADERSCLUB
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Interact with your club
One of the benefits of the membership to our club is a hotline (01-739.777 ext 777) for
support in your business and economic research. You are encouraged to use it. Also, please
do not hesitate to contact the club manager (01-739.777 ext 103) for any suggestions, ideas,
or events you may have for the club. This is your club!
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An updated list of all members of LEADERSCLUB as at February 29 2020