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Lebanon Opportunities is the club’s magazine
A new design and format for Lebanon Opportunities has been launched. The magazine, now published on a quarterly basis, will be focused on the information needs of our club members, who are encouraged to contact the editorial department (editorial@infopro.com.lb) to share news and information about the activities of your company or sector, and to discuss our editorial policies.
Endorse the Economic Revival Plan
An updated economic revival plan has been issued that has taken in the dozens of suggestions by our club members and other stakeholders. The plan has been disseminated to all club members as well as to relevant new government ministers, leaders of the private sectors, and interested companies.
LEADERSCLUB is asking its members that have not yet done so to endorse the plan (www.leadersclub.com.lb/revival). Dozens of companies have already endorsed the plan
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Update: Survey on job losses and salary cuts
The results from two surveys conducted in Nov 2019 and Jan 2020 on the impact of the crisis on jobs, salaries, and operating companies. The survey results are tabulated also across major sectors.
More than 12 percent of companies have ceased operation, 220,000 jobs eliminated, and average salary cuts is 40 percent
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LL/USD exchange rate daily update
For the past few weeks, club members have been receiving mid-day, every weekday, an update of the LL/USD exchange rate range at money exchange counters. InfoPro Research is acquiring the data from a number of counters in various areas in Greater Beirut.
Previous exclusive research reports
You should have received in previous months the following research reports exclusive to members of LEADERSCLUB. Click below to obtain a copy.
[PDF] Real Estate Index 2019
[PDF] Economic Revolt – Revival Plan – Draft
[PDF] Impact of Crisis 2019
[PDF] Social Media Usage 2019
[PDF] Salary Scale – All sectors 2019
[PDF] Real Estate Index H1 2019
[PDF] State of Business 2018
Databank update
Last month, many report, studies, statistics, and updates have been added to databank.com.lb. Access is exclusive to members of LEADERSCLUB
[PDF] Updates
Interact with your club
One of the benefits of the membership to our club is a hotline (01-739.777 ext 777) for
support in your business and economic research. You are encouraged to use it. Also, please
do not hesitate to contact the club manager (01-739.777 ext 103) for any suggestions, ideas,
or events you may have for the club. This is your club!
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