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All events for October to December have been cancelled. A new set of events are being prepared, responsive to recent developments. Do not hesitate to suggest ideas.

Social Media use
Exclusive to members of LEADERSCLUB, this study, undertaken by InfoPro Research, reports on key findings of a survey on the usage and influence of social media in Lebanon.
[PDF] Click to download reports
Previous exclusive research reports
You should have received in previous months the following research reports exclusive to members of LEADERSCLUB. Click below to obtain a copy.
[PDF] State of Business 2018
[PDF] Real Estate Index H1 2019
[PDF] Salary Scale – All sectors 2019
Databank update
Last month, many report, studies, statistics, and updates have been added to databank.com.lb. Access is exclusive to members of LEADERSCLUB
[PDF] Download listing of updates

Economic revival
LEADERSCLUB is preparing, with input from its members, and other stakeholders, a plan for economic revival. The output will be shared with club members, policy makers, and other interested parties. A version will be published in the next issue of Lebanon Opportunities
Upscaling companies
LEADERSCLUB is preparing an initiative to create a program that will help medium- and
large-size companies to upscale to the next level. A draft concept note has been drawn
to assemble stakeholders from the private sector, the public sector, finance, international
organizations, and others around working on this initiative. Club members who are interested
in learning more about this initiative are invited to contact us.
[PDF] View Concept Note
Interact with your club

One of the benefits of the membership to our club is a hotline (01-739.777 ext 211) for
support in your business and economic research. You are encouraged to use it. Also, please
do not hesitate to contact the club manager (01-739.777 ext 143) for any suggestions, ideas,
or events you may have for the club. This is your club!
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An updated list of all members of LEADERSCLUB as at October 31 2019