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LeadersClub by Lebanon Opportunities has persevered throughout the very difficult times that have passed, and has increased its activities, surveys, and exposure - way beyond what was originally planned. It has also refrained from soliciting new members or asking for membership fees since. This year, we are relaunching our membership drive, with the aim of renewing existing memberships and inviting new leaders to join the Club.

In the past few months we have undertaken the following activities - with the promise of keeping it up and up. Please contact us for your comments and feedback.
Surveys and reports sent to members
InfoPro surveys
Exchange Rates
Fresh dollar banking accounts terms download
Real Estate apartment prices per region download
Salaries and employment practice and levels update download
Sales activity levels in 2023 download
Third-party reports
Draft law on restructuring banks in Lebanon download
World Bank: Lebanon report on climate and development download
ILO: Mapping of training and post training programs download
New non-Residential Rental Law download
World Bank: Economic Monitor download
IMF: Article IV report download
IMF: Putting tax policy back on track download
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Business Leaders
The case of Lebanon

In collaboration with
Professional Computer Association (PCA))
followed by Cocktail Hour at Le Gabriel

Walid Semaan - (Matrix TRC) on the fundamentals of AI
Mario Akl - (Maliatec) on practical applications developed and deployed in Lebanon
Networking and discussion
Guest speaker: Acting Governor Wassim Manssouri - hosted at the Central Bank
Lebanon Opportunities
Quarterly issues sent to principal members and key staff
Continuously updated with the latest reports and statistics
Following the meeting with Dr Manssouri, other meetings with key policy makers and leaders will be organized. Do not hesitate to contact us to suggest names of speakers to be invited.
Club benefits
Subscriptions to Lebanon Opportunities | Editorial Coverage | Surveys and Research Studies Hotline Research Support | Branding and recognition
For details go to: www.leadersclub.com.lb/Benefits
Interact with your club
One of the benefits of the membership to our club is a hotline (01-739.777 ext 189) for support in your business and economic research. You are encouraged to use it. Also, please do not hesitate to contact the club manager (01-739.777 ext 144) for any suggestions, ideas, or events you may have for the club. This is your club!
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