This is a summary of last month’s activities, most of which were conducted online and by telephone, given that interaction remains constrained by the Covid-19.  
The Alternative Economic Revival Plan
After a new round of consultations with representatives of private sector organizations, and following the publication of several studies regarding the impact of recent events, by InfoPro and other parties, a new update to the plan is due to be published during this month. It reflects new developments such as the impact of Covid-19 and the Port Explosion. Keep an eye out for it! Around 200 endorsements have been gathered to-date.

In Memoriam
It is with great sadness that we have learned of the passing away of a member of our club, Jean-Claude Ghosn, CEO of Ghia Holding.

His company operates 12 restaurants in Lebanon and 14 restaurants in Arab countries and the United Kingdom. The restaurants include Abd el Wahab, Ahwak, Duo, and El Denye Hek.

Jean-Claude was a pioneer in the local and regional restaurant sector and a seasoned entrepreneur. He will be missed by the members of LEADERSCLUB, by fellow business colleagues and contacts, and by clients of his establishments.
Reports – Exclusive to club members
If you missed any of the emailed reports, it is available for download
Digest on Blast Losses, Aid and Initiatives
All available information on the impact of the Port Explosion and subsequent response was summarized in a digest. It is intended to be used as a quick reference and provide an overall picture of the magnitude of losses, and the amplitude of the immediate popular and institutional reaction to it, both locally and internationally.
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State subsidies are being wasted
A study by InfoPro Research has estimated that subsidies by the State and the Central Bank (BDL) are consumed mostly by the non-poor, when measured in terms of money value. The poor’s share is under 25 percent of the total amount spent by the public sector on subsidies. Direct subsidies by the State and BDL total nearly $5 billion per year not including basic services such as public education. Therefore $4 billion of subsidies are being wasted outside their intended target.
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Banking Limits
A listing of major banks and specifics on their terms of withdrawals and some other terms.
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Business and Economic Indicators - H1 2020
A reference compilation of latest available data, updated up to the first six months of the year.
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LL/USD exchange rate daily update
For the past months, club members have been receiving mid-day, every weekday, an update of the LL/USD exchange rate range at money exchange counters. InfoPro Research is acquiring the data from a number of exchange counters in various areas in Greater Beirut.
From third-party sources
If you missed any of the emailed reports, please contact us
[PDF] Food Security report - UN-ESCWA
[PDF] Ministry of Economy - Economic Plan
[PDF] Post Blast Citizen Survey - World Bank
Previous InfoPro exclusive research reports
If you missed any of the emailed reports, it is available for download
[PDF] Salaries in various sectors
[PDF] Banking Limits on withdrawals
[PDF] Crisis impact on jobs and sales
[PDF] Report on awareness of BDL circulars
[PDF] A Critique of the Government Recovery Plan
[PDF] Public Opinion survey on Gov’t Recovery Plan
[PDF] Top 20 Sacred Cows
[PDF] LeadersClub members survey on Gov’t plan
[PDF] 2019 Economic Indicators
[PDF] Survey of real estate sales and pricing survey by developers
[PDF] Survey update on job losses and salary cuts
[PDF] Real Estate Index 2019
[PDF] Economic Revolt – Revival Plan – Draft
[PDF] Impact of Crisis 2019
[PDF] Social Media Usage 2019
[PDF] Salary Scale – All sectors 2019
[PDF] Real Estate Index H1 2019
[PDF] State of Business 2018
Databank update
Last month dozens of new reports, studies, and statistical were added to Access is exclusive to members of LEADERSCLUB
[PDF] New studies added
Interact with your club
One of the benefits of the membership to our club is support in your business and economic research. You are encouraged to use it. Do not hesitate to contact the club manager for any suggestions and ideas you may have for the club.
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