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Lebanon Opportunities (Individual: 1 copy, Corporate: up to 5 copies)
Properties (same as Lebanon Opportunities)
Reference book package (published by InfoPro)

  • Business Handbook
  • Entrepreneur Handbook
  • Oil&Gas Handbook
  • Easy Banking
  • Green Business Handbook


  • Priority seating at the Business Opportunities in Lebanon conference
  • Exclusive invitation to at least three closed-door briefings with policy makers on current issues
  • Invitation to at least three networking events around current themes


  • Annual economic report on Lebanon
  • Real Estate Index executive summary
  • Salary scale study for a single sector

Market Research

  • Participation in annual opinion poll survey of business leaders on economic issues
  • Participation in semi-annual survey on business and consumer mood
  • Executive summary of results of above two surveys
  • Open access to databank.com.lb, a comprehensive and continuously-updated business and economic database on Lebanon
  • Open access to weblinks: supporting documents and contact information linked to articles and news published in Lebanon Opportunities

Hotline research support
Members have access to a support service to assist them in their information research

For more information please contact leaders@infopro.com.lb or by phone (01) 739.777 Ext 103

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