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Lebanon Opportunities has launched Leaders Club, a platform for information sharing, networking, and advocacy with a view towards creating new opportunities for its members.

Its membership is by invitation only, and is exclusive to like-minded companies and professionals with a demonstrable track of high achievement. They are leaders in their sectors or specialties.

Leaders Club advocates the use of validated information and data in decision making in business, economics, and public policy.

Leaders Club will publish reports and organize a large number of activities for the benefit of its members. These include:

  • Closed-doors briefs with local and international policy makers
  • Exclusive in-depth research reports
  • Networking events based on valuable content
  • Special offers to members

Lebanon Opportunities and its parent company, InfoPro, for more than 20 years, have established a high standard for business publishing and business events organzing, based on information-gathering, analysis, and dissemination.

Each issue of Lebanon Opportunities contains unique and high-value market research. The magazine has benefited company leaders, economists, researchers, diplomats, and other stakeholders, and has brought better clarity in reading the economy.

Lebanon Opportunities has also succeeded in organizing the largest and best-attended business conferences covering the entire spectrum of productive sectors in the economy.

InfoPro Research is the leading business and economic research organization in Lebanon. It has built an extensive, continuously-updated database of market and economic information, and is commissioned by the largest international and local organizations and companies to conduct in-depth studies on a wide spectrum of topics and issues.

In order to enjoy the benefits of Leaders Club and support its sustainability, a membership package is on offer.

For more information please contact leaders@infopro.com.lb or by phone (01) 739.777 Ext 103

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